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Virtual Board Governance

The Pillars of Successful Virtual Board Governance

The effective work of the board of directors as the highest management body of the enterprise is the key to the success of any company. Check the most effective pillars of successful virtual Board governance. How Can a Board of Directors Be Effective Online? As a project manager, you will face many challenges in your […]

What Are Board Competencies?

What Are Board Competencies?

Members of the Board of directors must reasonably and conscientiously, with due diligence and prudence, perform the duties assigned to them in the interests of the company and its shareholders, and achieve sustainable and successful development of the company. Take a look at the other Board competencies in the article below. Top Five the Most […]

Business and Management Books of All Times

6 Top Business and Management Books of All Times

The best books about business and management inspire, motivate, change the worldview, make you think, and encourage someone to act! We have selected for you the best, in our opinion, publications, which we gladly recommend for reading. Read and be inspired! How to Attract and Retain the Best; Market Business Management Today in the world, […]